Tax law

Antaxius provides advice and assistance in the following areas of tax law:


Direct Taxes

Personal income tax, corporate tax, legal entities tax, non-resident tax, taxes equivalent to income tax and withholding tax..


Tax Proceedings

  • Disputes regarding the establishment and collection of taxes.
  • Negotiations with tax administrations: agreements, alternative dispute resolution


Requests for rulings at the Federal Ruling Service (DVB) and the Flemish Tax Service (VLABEL) .

Tax Regularizations.

The regularization of undeclared income at the Regularizations Contact Point.

Inheritance Tax and Registration Tax (Inheritance and Registration Duties)

Customs and Excise

  • Tariff classification, origin, customs value, customs procedures, customs debts, (import duties, agricultural levies, anti-dumping and compensatory duties), import and export restrictions, control measures (licenses and quotas) and refunds.
  • Excise duties, environmental tax, environmental and packaging levies.
  • Criminal law regarding customs and excise.

Local and Regional Taxes

Taxes and fees imposed by local authorities: cities, municipalities, provinces, communities and regions.

Stock Exchange Transactions Tax

The stock exchange tax or stock exchange transactions tax (TOB) is a tax that Belgian banks or stockbroking firms must charge when investment products are purchased or sold. Antaxius assists Belgian residents in declaring their stock exchange transactions tax as to assets they hold outside Belgium and for which the foreign intermediary will not pay the stock exchange transactions tax.